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WWE TLC 2016: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Picks and More

Will new champions emerge from the wreckage of twisted ladders and splintered tablesthat WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016 will leave behind?

Fans of Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and the new-look Wyatt Family will be happy with the answer.Sunday’s pay-per-view in Dallas is poised to be a coronation for the blue brand’s monsters.

A night bound to be brimming with violent spectacle will featureDean Ambrose tangling with AJ Styles for WWE World Championship in a TLC match.

Becky Lynch will defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss in a tables match. The Miz will look to fend off Dolph Ziggler in a ladder bout for the Intercontinental Championship.

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The American Airlines Center will host these gimmick contests and more atSmackDown’s final brand-exclusive event of 2016.

A standard bout could be the talk of the PPV, though.The Wyatt Family will seek to add the SmackDown tag titles to its mantle. Wyatt’s first taste of gold and his powerful alliance with The Viper could well be the the night’s biggest development.

Potential Spoilers

The Princess of Staten Island will enter her No Disqualification match against Nikki Bella a touch banged up.

Dave Meltzer reported on Figure Four Online that”Carmella was bruised up from the brawlon Tuesdaywith Nikki Bella, where Nikki potatoed her a few times.” Carmella tweeted that she woke up with a black eye:

Woke up today with a black eye & welts all over my forehead..Wait until you see what Nikki looks like when I’m done w her at #wwetlc

Carmella (@CarmellaWWE) November 30, 2016

If she is still sporting the shiner by Sunday, WWE may look to use it as part of the story. It would help play up the intensity of this rivalry.

TLC’s main event doesn’t appear to be the final chapter in the Styles and Ambrose rivalry.

As Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. noted, Ambrose and Styles “are booked to headline SmackDown live events through Christmas untilJohn Cena returns.” That doesn’t guarantee the feud will continue on TV, butit looks like a sign that whatever happens on Sunday, Ambrose won’t be done chasing Styles.

All bets are off when @AJStylesOrg defends the @WWE World Championship vs. @TheDeanAmbrose in a #TLCMatch! https://t.co/d5bRSDzx1J #WWETLC pic.twitter.com/Xrt4453OTF

WWE (@WWE) November 29, 2016

But will he have to step aside for The Deadman?

In theWrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reported (h/t Eric Lynch of SEScoops) that there has been discussion of booking Styles vs. Undertaker at January’s Royal Rumble event.If that’s the directionWWE is headed, don’t be surprised if Undertaker shows up in Dallas on Sunday.

Match Card Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto (chairs match) Nikki Bella vs. Carmella (No Disqualification match) Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt (Tag Team Championships) The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship) Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss (tables match for the Women’s Championship) AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose (TLC match for theWWE World Championship) Predictions Corbin over Kalisto. Carmella over Bella. The Wyatt Family over Slater and Rhyno. The Miz over Ziggler. Lynch over Bliss. Styles over Ambrose. Match Previews

Corbin vs. Kalisto

A feud interrupted by injury ahead of SummerSlam will finally truly get underway.

Kalisto left Corbin hobbling before Survivor Series after dropkicking him in the knee against a set of ring steps. That left The Lone Wolf out of commission. Corbin will seek to payKalistoback at TLC.

WWE hasn’t shown consistent interest in Kalisto. The Lone Wolf, on entertainment news in 2016 the other hand, has gathered steady momentum of late. He is the safe bet to walk away the winner.

Daily DDT believes Corbin vs. Kalisto will be a one-sided affair:

Corbin is going to eat Kalisto alive at #WWETLC. #SDLive

Daily DDT (@FanSidedDDT) November 23, 2016

Thechairs match is the least appealing gimmick contest of the TLC PPV, but this still promises to be a solidshowcase for Corbin.

Bella vs. Carmella

A blood feud is set to get a fitting journey into violent territory. Bella will meet her archenemy in a No Disqualification match, something we just don’t see from the women’s division.

After weeks of ambushes and fist fights, the rivals will get a chance to truly beat each other up. Carmella targeted Bella soon after arriving from NXT. Her obsession has led to one of the most bitter rivalries SmackDown has going.

Nikki @BellaTwins takes on @CarmellaWWE in a #NoDQ Match THIS SUNDAY at #WWETLC! Who will come out with the W? https://t.co/F654iAB4vP pic.twitter.com/ERdz5eF2jt

WWE (@WWE) November 29, 2016

Bella won their first meeting at No Mercy in October. WWE’s penchant for 50-50 booking points to Carmella emerging the victor this time around.

Plus, Bella doesn’t need to come out on top in the way The Princess of Staten Island does. A recent NXT draftee, Carmella has a clear lack of signature wins. On Sunday, she will get her first in a hard-hitting contest.

Tag Team Championships

world news headlines reuters

The focus on Wyatt and Orton lately, with Slater and Rhyno shifting into background players despite being champions, suggests The Wyatt Family is poised to take over.

After Orton joined Wyatt’s crew, many didn’t believe his allegiance was real. But as The Viper and Wyatt cleaned house at Survivor Series, winning a big match for SmackDown, the duo looked mighty cohesive.

They bowled over American Alpha for the right to face the champs. It now seems inevitable that a title change is coming.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Camp believes The Wyatt Family will prevail:

In his TLC preview, he said: “I hope this continues and they continue to move on the way up.” He won’t be the only one.

Wyatt fans have waited a long time to see the company get behind him. That process could be in full force as The Eater of Worlds claims his first championship in WWE.

The Miz vs. Ziggler

The Showoff has one last crack against his longtime rival. SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan noted that if Ziggler doesn’t reclaim the IC title from The Miz, he won’t get to challenge him again.

That ups the stakes in a story that has lost its legs of late. At No Mercy, Ziggler and The Miz’s battle was SmackDown’s hottest feud. That’s not the case any more, with WWE focusing on other tales.

But this match still promises to be one of the night’s best.

The final chapter will be written between @mikethemiz & @HEELZiggler at #WWETLC in a #LadderMatch for the #ICTitle! https://t.co/QXyicXoztG pic.twitter.com/1ztKKvdJII

WWE (@WWE) November 29, 2016

The Miz is in the midst of his best year to date. And Ziggler always pours his guts out in matches such as these.

It’s unlikely we see another title change. The Miz dethroned Ziggler on Nov. 15. A Ziggler winwould feel like WWE playing hot potato with the IC crown.

Lynch vs. Bliss

In one of the tougher matches to predict, the promising upstart Bliss will look to take down Lynch for the first title of her career.

In their last meeting, Bliss had her foot on the ropes while in Lynch’s grasp. The referee didn’t see it, as he was too busy watching her tap out.

She won’t have to worry about that kind of controversy at TLC. The winner will be clear. Whoever puts their opponent through a table will be champ.

#IrishLassKicker @BeckyLynchWWE defends the #SDLive #WomensTitle vs. @AlexaBliss_WWE THIS SUNDAY at #WWETLC LIVE at 8e/5p on @WWENetwork! pic.twitter.com/1aYSWkWS7s

WWE (@WWE) November 29, 2016

Bliss has been a revelation as a spark-plug, nose-in-the-air heel. WWE clearly believes in her, as it has given her ample spotlight in recent months. But that won’t translate to a title change.

Lynch remains the heart and centerpiece of SmackDown women’s division. Bliss will offer a tough test, but The Irish Lass Kicker’s reign is far from over. WWE will likely wait until WrestleMania to dethrone her.

Styles vs. Ambrose

Ambrose and Styles can settle their often-comedic, sometimes-intense rivalry once and for all with the help of tables, ladders and chairs.

Styles took the WWE title from Ambrose back in September. The cocky, athletic heel has held tight to it ever since. But the rivals are set to enter a battlefield that Ambrose will be plenty comfortable in.

James Ellsworth will get involved. He has to.

Ambrose’s chinless buddyhas been present at each stage of this story for weeks.

But will he cost Ambrose the match inadvertently, or will he aid The Lunatic Fringe? Chances are someone will be angry with him post-TLC.

PWTorch columnistKevin Larosewrote: “Look forward to a future Ellsworth having his ass handed to him by both Styles and Ambrose.”

Styles is likely to carry the gold well into 2017. The Phenomenal One finishing out his feud with Cena or taking on Undertaker are options WWE will want to explore in the coming year.


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