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UFC Fight Night 98 Results: Ricardo Lamas submits Charles Oliveira

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Lamas wins
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A featherweight bout between Ricardo Lamas and Charles Oliveira (Oliveira missed weight by 10 pounds) took place on tonights UFC Fight Night 98 main card in Mexico City.

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Round one begins and Lamas lands a leg kick and then a body kick to start. Lamas lands another kick to the body. Oliveira gets the clinch but Lamas uses the position to slam Charles to the floor. Ricardo moves to half guard. He lands a nasty elbow from the top. Oliveira is looking for a leg lock. He almost gets it. He uses the position to escape and he quickly jumps on Lamas back. Ricardo shakes him off but Oliveira picks him up and slams him down. Charles locks in a choke and this is not good for The Bully. Lamas does an excellent job to escape the hold and winds up on his back in guard. Oliveira with a big elbow from the top. He gets the back of Lamas and locks in a body triangle. This is a bad spot for Lamas. Nice elbows from Charles. And another. Oliveira sinks in the rear-naked choke and it is deep. Lamas gets saved by the bell. Wow.

Both @RicardoLamasMMA and @CharlesDoBronxs come out swinging in round 2! #UFCMexico https://t.co/roRif6CVID

#UFCMexico (@ufc) November 6, 2016

Round two begins and Lamas lands a spinning hick kick to start. Lamas lands a pair of low kicks. He misses with a right hand and Oliveira shoots in and takes him down. Lamas lands a terrific sweep and winds up on top. Ricardo begins working from side control. Lamas locks up a guillotine choke and Charles taps out.

LAMAS GETS THE TAP!!! HUGE win for @RicardoLamasMMA! #UFCMexico pic.twitter.com/VLzHsZjacm

#UFCMexico (@ufc) November 6, 2016

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