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Twitter Rolls Back Update After Mass Uproar

We are the chief cornerstone

The people have won.

Twitter caused an uproar Thursday when it broadly rolled out a test where @names would be stripped from the start of replies in the Notifications tab and wouldnt be counted towards the character count in replies, with a limit of 50 @names. Well, oops, that was a mistake.


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Today, an experiment around replies accidentally went out to everyone on iOS briefly. Upside, we got helpful feedback – were listening!

Twitter Support (@Support)

Twitter announced the changes in May and had been testing them since. But the broad iOS rollout apparently happened a bit ahead of schedule. Naturally, when seeing the changes, people on Twitter began to vent, turning the timeline into a rolling feed of complaints.

Multiple Twitter users are now reporting that the update is gone for them. But it may not be gone forever. Twitter is still testing the update with a small group.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologized in a tweet for confusion.

Always working to simplify & make Twitter better for everyone. Appreciate all the feedback (and apologies for the c https://t.co/VdnW6A7s7a

jack (@jack)

Reached for comment, a Twitter spokesperson pointed BuzzFeed News to the tweet above and declined further comment.


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