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The Most Unsustainable Stats So Far in 2016-17 College Basketball Season

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This is a fun time of year for college basketball statistics. Everyone’s on pace to hit 150 metaphorical home runs and shatter every record known to man.

Why not embrace this time? Why not allow yourself to get a little wacky by celebrating these exaggerated numbers.

It’s not that the stats are meaningless; even skewed numbers are grounded in performance. And they certainly offer some insight into who is (and isn’t) delivering the goods thus far.

Still, the databases look pretty funky in November, and in many cases, the center simply cannot hold. Here are some examples of the most unsustainable stats on the books.

All statistics accurate as of November 25.

As it was last season, so shall it be again, apparently.

Coach Duggar Baucom has built his career on a frenzied style of play, which results in plenty of pointsfor both teams. According to NCAA statistics, the 3-3 Bulldogs are currently first in the nation with 103.7 points scored per game. But here comes the other shoe: They’re second to last in points allowed with 104 per contest.

The Stone Builders Rejected

Although Baucom’s Bulldogs (and, before he came to The Citadel, his teams at VMI) will surely hover at or near the top and bottom of these two categories, 104 points of output per game is probably not in the cards. After all, you’re not going to have a chance to hang 146 on Johnson University Florida every day.

It’s been pretty good sailing for Isaac Banks of the Buccaneers of East Tennessee State University. They just have to find a way to get him some more shots!

Because he isn’t missing. Sixteen shots taken in four games, 15 of them converted. That’s a field-goal percentage of 93.8 percent.

What do you think would happen if they gave him more than four attempts per contest? Nothing short of a seismic power shift in college basketball is what. No way this doesn’t extrapolate out in such a fashion. It’s foolproof!

NCAA numbers showMarkelle Fultz tied for 24th nationally in scoring with 22.2 points per game.

So why is he here and not one of those above him? Permit me to illustrate.

First, Fultz is only a freshman. A highly touted freshman who is currently outperforming all other freshmen, yes, but these are his first college games nonetheless.

Second, he’s doing it against cupcakes right now. Thatwon’t last with a fairly difficult conference schedule, which includes Oregon, Arizona and a very frisky-looking UCLA squad, among others.He’s not a big fish in a small pond or the beneficiary of a gimmick offense, either.

Even so, kudos to Fultz for standing out early among not only his own class but pretty much all the others, too.

Through five games, the Creighton Blue Jays have put the Big East and the rest of the country on notice.

But come on. It’s not going to be quite this good over the course of a full season.

During their 5-0 charge out of the gate, Creighton as a team is making 50.8 percent of their threes, per NCAA data. That’s a very high percentage, andI hope you’re sitting downit’s tops in the nation.

They’re paced by sharpshooters Marcus Foster, who hits half his three-point attempts, and Khyri Thomas, who doesn’t shoot as much but converts an astounding 62.5 percent of his deep shots.

These stats are nearly brain-melting, and it’s clear Creighton is a force to be reckoned with this season. But it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able entertainment news kenya to keep up this blistering clip from beyond the arc.

I admit it. I have been sleeping on Jock Landale.

The highest performance efficiency rating in the history of mankind is Wilt Chamblerlain with 31.8 during the 1962-63 season, per Basketball-Reference.com. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are a few notches down.

Landale’s current PER? How about 45.5. Sorry, Wilt. Sorry, rest of the draft class. Shut it all down.

I’m being a little facetious, but in all seriousness, Landale is tearing it up at the helm of the 4-0 Gaels of Saint Mary’s. He leads the team with 21.3 points on a crazy 75 percent clip from the field and 9.5 rebounds each game. The junior center is certainly turning some heads with that eye-popping bundle of stats. But, yeah, that sort of PER is probably going to come down just a bit.


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