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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Features and Release Date Rumors

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Samsung has lost billions of dollars due to the recall of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. As such, the company is hoping to start the year 2017 with an incredible new device, the Galaxy Note 8.

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Samsung USASamsung Galaxy S7

Because of numerous reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, Samsung has created strategies to address these concerns first hand. One of these is the upgrade program available in South Korea, which allows owners to switch their phones to safer Galaxy S7s for half the price.


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This program also offers Galaxy S7 owners to switch to the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8 when both devices hit the market.

Specs and Features

Samsung has yet to mention about any specs and features for the Galaxy Note 8. There are speculations, though, that this phablet will contain high-end features and specs to gain back some of the company’s customers who have been put off by the Galaxy Note 7 failure.

One of these rumored features is 4K support, since virtual reality is becoming very popular these days. The Galaxy Note 8 is said to have the same size screen as its predecessor at 5.7-inches.

The Galaxy Note 8 may also keep the fingerprint and iris scanner which is found in the Galaxy Note 7. The device will also probably have 256 GB internal storage just like Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

This new phablet is also rumored to have a 6 GB or 8 GB RAM, just like many phones released this year. It could also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830processor. This is an upgrade over the Snapdragone 821, which means it will be much faster and deliver power at a more efficient rate. If this rumor is true, then the Galaxy Note 8 will be another Samsung phablet to be reckoned with.

Moreover, since the Galaxy Note 7 became infamous for its battery problem, expect Samsung to put extra focus into the battery of the Galaxy Note 8, making it safer and more efficient.

Release Date

Typically, Samsung launches a brand new device during February or March for the S series and August for the Note series. As such, many analysts expect Samsung to follow the same trend for their upcoming and much anticipated devices. That means the Galaxy Note 7 may be launched in August, 2017.

However, Samsung may try to bring that launch date closer to make up for the drawback caused by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Rumors say this could happen as early as February 2017.

Another rumor from PC Advisor reportsthat the Galaxy Note 8 will have a new name.

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