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Conor McGregor: “If I Wasn’t Here, This Whole Ship Goes Down”

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Conor McGregor: “If I Wasn’t Here, This Whole Ship Goes Down” | BJPenn.com

When this blockbuster bout was being constructed, their was speculation that McGregor would be forced to vacate his featherweight title, which would of coursedeprive him of the opportunity to make history as a two-division champ. According to McGregor, however, this was never a real worry, as hes confident in his ability to call his own shots within the UFC.

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Listen, everyone in this game does what the f*ck theyre told. Everyone but me, because I run this game, McGregor said (via MMAFighting.com). So I dont give a f*ck about all of that. They told you youre on the prelims, youre on the f*cking prelims. They told you to fight, now youre on the f*cking Fight Night. Nobody has no say in this but me. Im the only one who can say anything about anything. Everyone else does what theyre told, and rightfully f*cking so.

I run this whole sh*t, The Irishman continued. I run New York. Im the reason were even here in the first place. Im the reason this whole thing is happening. If I wasnt here, this whole ship goes down, and thats the truth. Thats facts. Theres no one else out there. Theres no one but me.

Conor McGregor
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McGregor also addressed recent rumors that hed be taking time off after UFC 205, regardless of the outcome of his bout with Alvarez.


I love it. I dont stop. Its all I do, he said of these of rumors. I dont do nothing else. I continue to show up, I continue to fight, I continue to put these amazing events for the amazing fans of this sport. Of course I love what I do, and not only am I not getting tired of it, Im actually getting better at it.

Im a lot more in control of everything, he continued. That goes right down the line from the media content Im giving out, just everything. Im in control of absolutely everything in my life. I keep getting better, and thats at everything. Not just skill-wise, not just cardio-wise, not just nutrition-wise. Everything. Every aspect of my life. Business, media, everything. You name it, I get better each and every day.

Who do you think will win the main event of UFC 205? Sound off, PENN Nation!



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