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Broncos’ Brandon Marshall WILL Be Standing for the National Anthem From Now On

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Denver Broncos Brandon Marshall has ended his National Anthem protest and will be standing from now on.

via TMZ:

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Marshall was one of the first NFL players to join Colin Kaepernicks protest and said he would be taking a knee during the anthem to raise awareness for social injustice and to start conversation about what all of us can do to make a positive change.

Marshall explained his decision to call off the protest on Instagram before the Broncos vs. Raiders game Sunday night saying:


Going forward, I will be standing for the National Anthem not because everything is perfect, or because Im changing my stance on things. But because of my hope for what we can become.

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Just because I am standing doesnt mean the work will end. Theres much work to be done. Ill continue to recognize and support organizations that are stepping up as leaders and making a real difference in our community, and I will do my part to be there for those in need.

Marshall added, I really appreciate the support from my family, teammates, coaches and fans. Im grateful for those who have taken the time to hear me out. Im excited for what all of us can accomplish when we truly work together.


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