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BJPENN.COM RADIO Ep. 5 Live at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT with Richard Perez | Mark Hunt | Renzo Gracie

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Mark Hunt #13;


BJPENN.COM Radio returns at 8PM ET/5PM PT with a three courses to fill your audio appetite!

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8:15PM ET- Richard Perez will be kicking things off in a prerecorded interview from earlier today. We will get the latest on the famed Diaz Brothers and what Richard believes will be the next more for each of Stocktons dynamic duo. A few fight picks and a glimpse inside the life of a world renowned boxing coach.

8:40PM ET- The Super Samoan himself, Mark Hunt makes his BJPENN.com debut. Mark has been very vocal over the way the UFC deals with its athletes and has not only called for a fighters union but is also filing suit against the UFC. We will get the scoop on all that and what more, including what Marks plans are for his immediate fight career. This is a must-listen interview with a legend and a fan-favorite combatant!

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9PM ET- Closing the show tonight will be another legend of our beloved sport, Renzo Gracie. The BJJ master and MMA veteran will be dropping by to talk shop and give us his thoughts on some of MMAs hottest topics, as well as give us his expert opinion on some of the biggest upcoming fights. We will also get an update on his BJJ team and of course, his thoughts on the ADCC super fight he has scheduled with Matt Hughes in 2017! Another cant-miss interview!


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