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3 Customer Research Tactics to Help Content Creation

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Companies focused on their customers are 60% more profitable than ones that aren’t customer-centric. Imagine what could happen to your marketing if your content was customer-focused. These three steps can help you do that. Continue reading → The post 3 Customer Research Tactics to Help Content Creation appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Content Marketing Tools and Technology – Content Marketing Institute

Senate Revives Help For Afghan Interpreters Who Aided U.S. Troops

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Legislation to extend a visa program for Afghan interpreters who risked their lives helping U.S. troops during the Afghanistan War has been revived in the Senate, after Republicans torpedoed it over the summer in part due to anti-immigrant sentiment. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) this week negotiated inclusion of an amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act, a massive defense spending bill that Congress hopes to pass before the end of the year. The visa program, which grants visas to Afghan interpreters and other staff, many of whom faced threats from the Taliban, is set to expire […]

4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Help Your Content Marketing

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I have noticed a serious disconnect in businesses today. There is no “us” anymore, no connection between one department and another. Oh, sure, you may have the best team-management platform, and have task-setting and in-team communication down to an art. But is every member of your team regardless of department working with all you have provided to get the best possible results? The biggest gap exists between sales and content marketing. The two should go together like peanut butter and jelly, yet they don’t. The biggest gap exists between sales & #contentmarketing says @seosmarty.Click To Tweet Nothing will better arm […]

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