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trump tp sign

Trump to authorize ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order.

7:25 a.m. April 18, 2017 The exec order will certainly cut short of the one- to two-year halt on brand-new skilled worker visas that Trump asked for throughout the project. As well as it comes far too late to have a straight result on this year’s visa period, which opened up April 3. Rather, the exec order will certainly try to find management adjustments, consisting of an overhaul of the lotto system utilized to figure out which firms could fund the visas, one authorities stated. Various other visa programs, like the H-2B seasonal employee visa that Trump himself makes use […]
Comey Delivers Political Gut Punch to President Trump

Comey Lands A Political Gut Blow To President Trump.

At the outset of a pivotal week in Washington, FBI Director James Comey delivered a political gut-punch to President Donald Trump Monday– and the news possibly could get worse for the president in the days and weeks ahead. In sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Comey said there was no evidence to Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him and Trump Tower, as the current president alleged in a series of tweets earlier this month. And he confirmed that his agency was investigating the 2016 Trump campaign’s links with Russia’s effort to intervene in the presidential election. His confirmation […]

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