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How to Build Your Email List: The (Better Than) Ultimate Guide

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What’s the most profitable click your business can target? It’s not “like,” follow, add to cart, buy now, or confirm purchase. The most profitable online click is subscribe. Learn how with this helpful guide to build your email lists. Continue reading → The post How to Build Your Email List: The (Better Than) Ultimate Guide appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Content Marketing Tools and Technology – Content Marketing Institute

Scottish Council Rejects British Plans To Build Immigrant Detention Center In Glasgow

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A Scottish local council rejected U.K. government plans to build an immigrant detention facility at Glasgow airport, giving some hope to anti-detention campaigners. Liam O’Hare reports on the implications for U.K. immigration policy in the wake of the Brexit vote.  GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Critics of Britain’s policy of detaining immigrants and asylum seekers celebrated a small victory this month, in a case that highlights the political shifts taking place after the Brexit vote. The U.K. Home Office’s plans to replace Scotland’s only immigration detention center, Dungavel, with a new “rapid-removal center” near Glasgow Airport were derailed when the local Scottish […]

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