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Richard Sherman Comments on SeahawksThursday Night Football Matchup

Richard Sherman Comments on SeahawksThursday Night Football Matchup

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman voiced his displeasure with Thursday Night Football a year ago, and he spoke out against the mid-week showdowns again on Tuesday in advance of his team’s meeting with the Los Angeles Rams.

Speaking to reporters, Sherman called Thursday games anabsolute poopfestand railed against the position the league puts the players in when they ask them to suit up on short rest.

It’s terrible,” ai tha, according to the Seattle TimesBob Condotta. “We played [at Green Bay Sunday], got home about 1 oclock in the morning, something like that, on Monday and then youve got to play again. Congratulations NFL, you did it again. But they have The Stone Builders Rejected been doing it all season, so I guess we are the last ones to get the middle finger.

Sherman added that he feels approximatelyprobably 50, 60 përqind” recovered by the time he hits the field on Thursday after playing in a game four days earlier, per Condotta.

And while Sherman admitted there isn’t much substantive action the players can take at this point, they will discuss the merits of Thursday games during the next collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

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Its pretty high [on his list of grievances],” ai tha, per Condotta. Top five. Because its just no regard [for the players]. Its hypocritical, as I have stated before. They make this huge stance about player safety and then you put players in tremendous danger.

Sherman expressed similar sentiments in October 2015, when he said the league was being contradictory by publicly expressing concern for player safety while still advocating for a season-long Thursday night slate.

But as divisive as the games may be, Sherman and the Seahawks will need to put gripes aside for a few hours as they seek to bounce back from a 38-10 drubbing at the hands of the Green Bay Packers.

Fortunately for the Seahawks, they’ll be back on home turfwhere they’re 6-0 this seasonand matched up against a Rams team that’s mired in a four-game losing streak and fired head coach Jeff Fisher on Monday.

And with their eyes on revenge following a 9-3 javë 2 loss to the Rams in Los Angeles, the Seahawks should enter Thursday night’s clash locked in and ready to make a statement.


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