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John Cena’s Best Potential Feuds for Return to WWE SmackDown Live

WWE SmackDown Live is about to regain a franchise star, as John Cenais set to return to the brand two months after he last appeared on Tuesday nights.

The Dec. 27 episode will feature the return of wrestling’s biggest star and recentSaturday Night Live host and the ignition of his latest feud. The question, though, is just who Cena will set his sights on. There are a plethora of optionsfrom the current WWE champion to one of the brightest young stars on the entire roster.

With so many options and WrestleMania season looming, whatever Cena does will be of the utmost importance.

Which potential programs best suit him, his star power and Hall of Fame credentials?

The Undertaker

The Phenom returned to SmackDown Live in November, announcing that he was back and ready to steal some souls. Except he has not appeared since thenpossibly with good reason. The last thing WWE Creative can afford is to burn fans out on The Deadman. Keeping him off TV until his WrestleMania program becomes clear is a smart move, especially considering how much of his aura is built on nostalgia at this point.

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Imagine a scenario where Cena makes his grand return to the blue brand on the final episode of the year, only to be interrupted by The Phenom, who cites Cena as the last great threat to his spot in immortality.

The promos, the video packages and the build to an epic WrestleMania showdown would be exactly the sort of thing to lend credibility to SmackDown Live, a show some still inexplicably look at as the little brother of Raw.

The last time Cena worked Undertaker in a lengthy rivalry of any kind was 2003, when the 15-time world champion was still The Doctor of Thuganomics.

Needless to say, it is a fresh and high-profile program that WWE can present without reaching out to stars like Goldberg or Sting to help bolster the biggest card of the year.

AJ Styles

When we last saw Cena, he was on the losing end of a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, one of two Superstars to unsuccessfully challenge AJ Styles. In fact, Styles has a winning record against Cena, something few can tout.

It would make sense for the two to revisit their rivalry when Cena returns.

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At the least, it would give the Royal Rumble pay-per-view a marquee bout besides the Rumble match to help sell the card.

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Their last series of matches produced at least one Match of the Year candidate, so the likelihood that they would deliver more magical performances is incredibly high, especially if Styles recovers from his ankle injury in short order.

Baron Corbin

One thing Cena has done over the course of his career is put over young and fresh stars. He created legitimate main event stars out of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Styles, all of whom benefited exponentially from beating him.

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A program with Corbin could do wonders for The Lone Wolf, who has been steadily building momentum for himself as a member of SmackDown Live but who is in need of one definitive win to put him over the top.

Working with Cena would not only add to Corbin’s credibility, but it would also allow him to learn the main event style from the performer who has spent over a decade perfecting it.

Corbin is a Superstar with tremendous presence and surprising agility for a person of his size. That sort of ability is not something WWE can afford to waste. Programming him with Cena in a long feud is the best way to ensure that does not happen.


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