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The Simple 3-Step Process to Converting Paid Traffic Through Email Marketing

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Most entrepreneurs who invest in paid traffic make one very critical error:They dont know how to convert that paid traffic into profit! Related:Alive and Kicking: Why Email Marketing Is Still a Huge Tool for Business If this is you, then pay attention:You cannot expect a positive ROI or a sustainable advertising campaign unless you learn how to master the art of converting paid traffic.While there are dozens of ways to convert paid traffic into profit, I’m going to focus in on just one: email autoresponders, meaning a computer program thatimmediately provides information to prospective customers, thenfollowsup with them at preset […]

‘Game of Thrones’ cast blows up social media with Season 7 news

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Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams, Kit Harington and Jason Momoa are making headlines in the series’ off-season for sparking various theories about the upcoming seventh season. The Stone Builders Rejected beauty and the beast full movie Tara Flaniganabout 13 hours ago 572 Shares Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

How These Franchises are Getting a Second Chance

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This story appears in the June 2016 issue of Startups. Subscribe Give us your food and beverage business pitch for a chance to win a $10k business grant and coaching from Samuel Adams. Enter Now The South isnt hurting when it comes to fried chicken places. There are hundreds of local restaurants, regional chains and roadside shacks that could lay claim to title of best fried chicken in the U.S. There are even gas stations that put chicken joints north of the Mason-Dixon Line to shame. best tips So when people in Atlanta, Memphis and Nashville speak reverently about Mrs. […]

Listen to the 911 Call from Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert’s Domestic Dispute at the Ritz Carlton ‘She Claims He Bit Her Finger, He Left the Scene’ [Video]

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The 911 call placed as a result of Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herberts domestic dispute from this past weekend has been released. muscle and fitness stephanie mcmahon media news truth facts study In the audio obtained by TMZ, the man who made the call on behalf of Tamar explicitly lists Tamar & Vince as the two involved. He also tells the operator that Vince bit Tamars finger beforefleeing the scene in a cab, but an ambulance isnt necessary. Listen below: Yesterday, Tamar and Vince were spotted at LAX holding hands.As we said before, pray for them. Share this:

2 Things to Consider In Addition to the Huge Cost Before Pursuing Your MBA

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With soaring education costs and a growing concern over student loans, its no wonder young professionals who want to start their own business are considering alternative options. The debate is fierce and both parties — pro- and anti-MBA — make their opinions well known. Peter Thiel even offers a scholarship for students who want to drop out and start their own business, providing them with $100,000 and a strong network of businesspeople. I have a personal connection to this debate. In 2011, after a bit of crowdsourcing, I decided to decline my acceptance into Harvard Business School (of all schools) […]

As the Cost of Living in Silicon Valley Explodes, Startups Look to Phoenix

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Much of the tech workforce still considers San Francisco the place to be in order to work with billion-dollar companies. But that may be beginning to change. A recent piece for the New York Times indicates that while Phoenix may not surpass San Francisco in terms of the number of venture capitalists or unicorn companies, it is snagging some tech jobs from the Bay Area, due to the fact that it has become a popular place for tech companies like Uber and Yelp to set up “outpost” offices. Using data from Moody’s, the Times found that the number of tech […]

Wednesday is officially ‘Kobe Bryant Day’ in Los Angeles

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577 Shares Bryant, right, celebrates winning the 2009 NBA Finals with his Lakers teammates. Image: Jacob Langston/Orlando Sentinel/MCT via Getty Images By Sam Laird2016-08-23 18:21:41 UTC Did you really think Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour would end with his final game? media news group location in denver This thing could drag on until the end of time, baby. The Los Angeles City Council officially declared this Wednesday to be “Kobe Bryant Day” in honor of the Lakers icon four months after he went for 60 points in an unforgettable final performance. Wednesday’s date is Aug. 24 also known as 8/24. Eight […]

Google is cracking down on mobile pop-up ads

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1.3k Shares Google will punish websites with mobile pop-up ads in its search results. Image: jaap arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images By Emma Hinchliffe2016-08-23 19:32:04 UTC Websites with mobile pop-up ads, watch out. Google is cracking down on the “intrusive” advertising by knocking down those pages in its search results, the company said Tuesday. social media Any website that shows a pop-up ad that covers the site’s main content whether right when the user gets to that page or while the user is on the page will be ranked lower in Google’s search results. That applies to pop-ups users have to […]

Helen Mirren brilliantly shuts down sexist interviewer

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The Stone Builders Rejected A clip of Helen Mirren’s appearance on Michael Parkinson’s talk show in 1975 has gone viral thanks to the renowned actress’ answers to the host’s seemingly sexist line of questioning. beauty school Tara Flaniganabout 3 hours ago 933 Shares Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

Why and Where You Should Expand Your Ecommerce Empire

Comments are off for this post. If youve considered expanding where you sell products, beyond your current ecommerce store, now is the time to do it. Ecommerce continues to grow in profitability as more and more consumers turn to the web for product purchases. OnlineConsumer spending grew by more than 13 percentbetween 2013 and2014, and again between 2014 and 2015 by 14.6 percent. Sales are projected to keep climbing, and by some estimates, ecommerce sales will hit nearly $500 billion by 2018. seo tips Those purchases take place all over the web, whether theyre made on hosted shopping platforms, which are branded to sellers, such […]

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