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The ‘Why Before You Buy’ Is Key to Connecting With Customers

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Consumers today search everywhere to find what they need and want. Theyre at home, theyre at work, and theyre on the go. This zigzagging customer journey makes it challenging for local businesses to discern why some consumers move in one direction while somemove inthe other. So, why do consumers choose one business over another? To answer the question, business owners must focus on three essential principles: knowing your audience, establishing your online presence, and makingit easy for people to find you. Know your audience. Consumers value different types of information when they make buying decisions. Primary information consists of the […]

On money and your honey: Rules for homefront harmony

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http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/ Im feeling like the Cubs right now. In my win column: 25 years of wedded bliss. And, given all the acrimony during this election season, couldnt you use a story about a man and woman in harmony? world news bbc Im so grateful I married my soul mate. My husband is also a great money manager and most of all what makes him so sexy hes a penny-pincher, too. We rarely fight about money. When we do have what we call intense fellowships about our finances, its usually because Im scared to spend even for things that we need […]

10 Ways to Get High-Roller Customers Spending More With You

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High-quality customers can be defined in several ways. They may be customers eager for your products or services and predisposed to spend as soon as they find your website. They may be wealthy individuals with disposable income and desire for status who crave what you offer. No matter how you define high quality, these are the customers who arrive at your site, look at your offerings, and say Yes! with their shopping carts. What do high-quality customers want? The best customers are the right customers. These are the people whose needs align perfectly with the benefits your products offer them. […]

A Pennsylvania court rules employees’ drug tests are not confidential

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entrepreneur news A nurse whoworked at a Pennsylvania hospital was fired because of a failed drug test. After being notified of the firing, the states Board of Nursing wanted to investigate and subpoenaed the hospital for the drug test results. The hospital, stating confidentiality, refused. The Board sued. Was this information confidential? Are outsiders entitled to see these results? According to the Pennsylvania courts, the answer is yes. As reported by the Legal Intelligencer, a three-judge panel found the states Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act which bars disclosure of patients substance abuse and addiction treatment records to third parties […]

5 Ways the Second Machine Age Will Morph the Future of Big Data

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Reader Resource Position yourself for growth in 2017join us live at the Entrepreneur 360 Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16. Secure Your Seat In the 2014 best seller, “The Second Machine Age,” Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue that this information era will leverage software-driven machines to substitute and replace humans. At the center of that debate is the question of data and how powerful it can become. After all, the more that machines can know and learn, the more intelligent they will become. Throughout the industrial revolution over a century ago, industrious people found ways to make […]

Greek tourism enjoys best summer season on record

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LONDON (AP) Greece’s tourism sector appears to be reaping the rewards from a period of relative political stability as well as attracting many travelers who had shied away from other Mediterranean hotspots, like Turkey and Egypt, following a string of attacks. Elena Kountoura, Greece’s alternate minister for tourism, said Monday that 2016 has been “another great year for Greek tourism,” with international arrivals up 7 percent in the nine months through September compared with the year before. The four summer months from July were the best ever for the sector, she said. “By the end of the year, international arrivals […]

Global shares lifted by news FBI not to charge Clinton

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) Global stock markets started the week on a strong note Monday after the director of the FBI said the bureau found no evidence warranting criminal charges against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a trove of newly discovered emails. KEEPING SCORE: Britain’s FTSE advanced 1.3 percent to 6,777.00 while France’s CAC 40 jumped 1.5 percent to 4,441.31 and Germany’s DAX rose 1.4 percent to 10,398.36. Futures showed Wall Street was due for a sharp gain. Dow futures surged 1.3 percent while S&P futures spied 1.4 percent. ELECTION UPDATES: Dow Jones index futures jumped about 200 points ahead […]

The Staff You Need to Hire to Run a Restaurant

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The following excerpt is from The Staff of Entrepreneur Media’s bookStart Your Own Restaurant and More. Buy it now fromAmazon|Barnes & Noble|iTunes There are several categories of personnel in the restaurant business: managers, cooks, servers, buspersons, dishwashers, hosts and bartenders. Each has a specific function and contributes to the operation of the restaurant. When your restaurant is still new, you may find that some of the duties will cross over from one category to another. For example, the manager may double as the host, and servers may also bus tables. In a very small operation, you and your family may […]

How Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Achieved Brand Success

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This column originally posted on Oct. 23, 2014. There are celebrities that spend all of their time in front of a camera and others that spend it gallivanting about the world. Then there are those that leverage their brand to build incredible businesses and do it with little help from outside players. http://www.news18.com/business/ EnterBethennyFrankel, whoturned a few years worth of reality TV into an enterprise worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I connected with Frankel (born Nov. 4, 1970) with the intent to learn how she grew her personal brand to the point that she could leverage it to create […]

6 Travel Hacks From Experienced Business Travelers

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Reader Resource Position yourself for growth in 2017join us live at the Entrepreneur 360 Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16. Secure Your Seat If you dont have much experience with traveling for business, then its easy to find the entire process stressful and overwhelming. But if you do travel frequently, its important to figure a few things out. Related:5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Business Travel Here are a handful of helpful travel hacks you could gain from ten minutes’conversation in an airport terminal with anyexperienced business traveler. 1. Avoid checking luggage whenever possible. The goal […]

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