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Automating Your Customer Interactions: Get Ready for Chatbots

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This piece was co-written by Kristi Colleran, co-founder and chief customer and product officer at Sciens.io. Markets are conversations, the Cluetrain Manifesto said in 1999. Todays markets are more conversational than ever, especially as more and more companies create chatbots for messaging apps. Chatbots (details below) enable us as marketers to do something that weve only ever been able to dream of doing: personalize content delivery and have meaningful conversations with customers at scale. The potential benefits are clear: More cost-effective customer serviceFaster response timesEasier business transactionsMore convenient ways to address prospects and customers in their preferred medium The potential […]

SEO is like Personal Training – the Ultimate SEO Analogy?

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Analogies have a funny ol reputation in the SEO industry. Over the years Ive seen SEO analogy posts get slated by fellow digital marketers. Thumbs-downs dont exist on Moz/YouMoz anymore (they do against comments, but not against posts), but I remember this post SEO Is Like Buying A Home getting a ton of thumbs-downs at the time (and in fact, you can still see the negative sentiment in the comments below it). And when technical SEO was compared to make-up more recently, well People. Kicked. Off. Rebuttals, rebuttals everywhere. I think analogies do have their place maybe not when trying […]

The Long and Short of Long Tail Keywords

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Targeting long tail keywords has been a tactic used for many years, long before I was in the SEO game. Its something Ive spent a lot of time exploring over 2016, spending time reading around the topic and putting into action things Ive learned and to a number of successes! Much to my surprise when first starting, this isnt just about finding a long tail keyword and writing some awesome content around it. This is about identifying these long tail keywords, understanding the motives behind them and appropriately catering for them on-site. The post that follows takes you through the […]

Facebook for Business: 12 Do’s and Donts

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Facebook has gotten a bad rap of late due to the gradual decrease in engagement for business Pages. And while it’s true that The Social Network isnt always the easiest to get results from, it can deliver great benefits for your brand or business. Facebook’s rolled out many tools in the past few years to help businesses and brands connect with their fans more seamlessly. But as with all social media marketing, creating an authentic feed that continuously grows organically comes with its own set of rules for businesses. In this post Ill review 12 Facebook for Business Dos and […]

10 useful tools for writing compelling content for SEO

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Almost 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and 70% of the links that people click are organic.* Do you need more evidence that SEO is the way to go when it comes to boosting the popularity of your website and your brand? When it comes to inbound marketing, no other technique can deliver the same results. Writing SEO content is the heart and soul of effective optimization but its far from an easy task. Various tools can be used to simplify the process and make it more effective. If youre just getting started with SEO content, […]

Moz Keyword Explorer vs. Google Keyword Planner: The Definitive Comparison

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Keyword research, the blueprint to any successful SEO strategy If youve been doing keyword research for a while, youve probably fallen into a routine. And that routine has likely been recently disrupted… thanks, Google. If youre new to keyword research, getting comfortable with new keyword research tools will come more easily to you. Lucky pups. But us change-averse old dogs can still learn new tricks when we need to. Are you ready to see which tool is right for you? –Woof. My hesitations about writing this article:Im new to Moz and dont want to be crucified for criticizing our own […]

Mini-Course: How to start a blog that will actually make you money [Part 3]

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Posted on 01 November 2016. This is a continuation of the previous posts How to start a blog that will actually make you money [Part 1]& Mini-Course: How to start a blog that will actually make you money [Part 2] in which we went over the basics of: Choosing and purchasing a domain nameSecuring reliable web hosting (and what hosting actually is)Setting up WordPress on your siteSelecting a WordPress theme If you havent read through the previous posts, please do that now, since this week we are going to dive into which plug-ins and widgets you should install and which […]

Bing’s Expanded Text Ads Even Outperform Google’s [Data]

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Google shook the industry when they announced the arrival of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) earlier this year. Since Google released Expanded Text Ads in July, weve seen most advertisers jump to create and test out the new ad format, generally discovering that expanded text ads increased their CTR. seo tips Not to miss the opportunity, Microsoft announced that they would be rolling out Bing Expanded Text ads later this year. Well, todays finally the day! Bing Expanded Text Ads are now available to be created to all advertisers in the Bing Ads interface! Bings Expanded Text Ads look and feel […]

Local Empathy: The New Tool in Your Brand’s Emergency Kit

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Implement generosity. If I could sum up all of the thoughts Im about to share with local enterprises, it would be with those two words. Image via Lewis Kelly Disasters and emergencies are unavoidable challenges faced by all local communities. How businesses respond to these stressful and sometimes devastating events spotlight company policy for cities to see. Once flood waters reside or cyclones trail away, once the dust settles, which of these two brands would you wish to call yours?: How two brands reaction to disaster became a reputation-defining moment As Hurricane Matthew moved toward the southeastern United States this […]

Getting Started with Google Advertising [Video Series]

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We know there are a lot of people out there with questions about Google AdWords what it is, how it works, and how to do it effectively. We know this because some of our all-time most popular pages on this site attempt to answer these questions take our infographic on how the AdWords auction works, our guide to how much AdWords costs, and our industry benchmarks that show average click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, and cost per action in 20 different industries (for both search and display) so you can get a sense of how your performance compares. […]

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