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Voicemail Threatening to ‘Drop a Bomb’ on a California Mosque Being Investigated

A California mosque received a message on their voicemail service Friday afternoon from an individual who threatened to drop a bomb on the mosque, community Muslim leaders said Monday. business news articles The incident at the Islamic Center of Tustin was reported to the Tustin Police Department on Sunday, said Sgt. Mike Van Cleve. It appears there was no caller ID on the call, he said. We took a report and are investigating. http://www.wisconsinchristiannews.com/ A spokesman for the mosque did not return phone calls Monday. The voicemail is among several threats Southern California mosques have received over the past few […]

Legendary Gospel Singer Carman on Digression of Christian Music (Watch)

Gospel legend Carman Licciardello, synonymously known as Carman, shared his honest opinions on the influence of Christian music, or lack thereof, in the church and secular society over the past 16 years in a recent Facebook live Q&A with fans. (Photo: Faceboook/Theresa Edwards)Popular Christian musician and evangelist Carman Licciardello appears in this April 2013 public Facebook photo taken at a concert at Knoxville Christian Center in Tennessee. http://blackchristiannews.com/ In his Facebook live videoon Sunday that has been viewed more than 43, 000 times, Carman answered fans’ questions and addressed one particular inquiry from a pastor who asked about the changes […]

Coptic Christians ‘Ready to Forgive’ After Suicide Bombing Kills 24 in Cairo Church

Christians in Egypt have forgiven those responsible for the deadly suicide bombing at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Cairo, which left 24 Christians dead and 49 others injured, Coptic Bishop Anba Angaelos told The Christian Post on Wednesday. (Photo: Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)Egyptian Christians react during the funeral of victims killed in the bombing at Cairo’s Coptic cathedral, at the Mokattam Cemetery in Cairo, Egypt, December 12, 2016.(Photo: Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)Relatives of Nabiel Habieb, a Christian man who was killed in the bombing of Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral, carry his body to bury him at the Mokattam Cemetery in […]

Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, ‘Key Leader’ in Ending Boy Scout Ban on Open Homosexuals

WASHINGTON President-elect Donald Trumpannounced on Tuesday that he had selected ExxonMobils Rex Tillerson to serve as secretary of state, a move that some Christians have found to be concerning as Tillerson was considered a key leader in ending the ban on open homosexuals in the Boy Scouts and runs a company whose employee gift matching program includes donations to Planned Parenthood. I have chosen one of the truly great business leaders of the world, Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, to be Secretary of State, Trump Tweeted early Tuesday morning. His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics […]

Abortionists Sue to Stop Texas From Requiring Burial, Cremation of Aborted Babies

AUSTIN A coalition of abortion providers have filed suit in an effort to stop Texas officials from requiring that they bury or cremate the bodies of the unborn children they kill instead of having them incinerated with medical waste and dumped in landfills. The regulation enshrines into law an exceedingly narrow set of beliefs regardingembryonic and fetal personhood, and what is appropriate for the disposition of embryonic andfetal tissue, the lawsuit, filed on Monday, asserts. These views do not reflect the diversity of views people hold about when human life begins and about the proper disposition of bodies. As previously […]

Will Trump’s Election Help Us Share the Bible?

(By CP Cartoonist Rod Anderson)Paul de Vries is an exclusive CP columnist. What a Divine gift to live in such transformative times! There has been plenty of memorable excitement around us all this year 2016 both before and after our disruptive election. And when so many significant parts are moving, there are more opportunities for people who are committed to God to play a role in shaping the future results, too. The disruptive elections are truly symptoms of even greater potential changes personally, politically, historically, and spiritually. We are the chief cornerstone In the presidential election last month, the winning […]

Congress Passes Key Bill to Combat Religious Persecution

A key religious freedom bill that would bolster the State Department’s ability to help counter terrorism and the increasing persecution of religious minorities throughout the world has been sent to President Barack Obama’s desk. (Photo: Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah)Displaced Iraqi Christians who fled from Islamic State militants in Mosul, pray at a school acting as a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq, September 6, 2014. Both the United States House of Representatives and the Senate have passed the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act, which is named after the former Virginia congressman who spent over two decades advocating for persecuted religious minorities […]

Will You Go to Church This Christmas Sunday?

This year Christmas will fall on a Sunday. As a result, many churches in the United States are adjusting their usual schedule of worship and others are even opting to not hold services at all. business news africa The debate is not a new one, back in 2005 Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, opted not to hold a service on Christmas Day and instead handed out a DVD for families to watch together at home. But this year, like 2011, will be different, says Willow Creek Community Church Executive Pastor Heather Larson. In an interview with The […]

Jordin Sparks Tells Fans to Dig Into Bible: ‘When a Man’s Bible Is Falling Apart, the Man Isn’t’

As a believer in the Bible, singer Jordin Sparks is letting over one million social media followers know the importance of spending time reading the word of God. (Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)Singer Jordin Sparks arrives at the American Idol Grand Finale in Hollywood, California, April 7, 2016. While the 26-year-old R&B singer’s Christian faith was instilled in her by her parents and grandparents, she now sees the importance of digging deep into her Bible for herself. Sparks introduced fans to her favorite translation at the moment, The Wayfinding Bible which helps readers navigate the Bible in innovative ways. “This Is called […]

Over 8,000 Girls Are Recent Victims of Female Genital Mutilation ‘Parties’ in England

Business Development Service Female genital mutilation “parties” are becoming problematic in the U.K., with midwives from Africa being flown in to perform the illegal and dangerous practice, according to the Black Health Initiative, an England-based charity. (Photo: Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett)Muslim women and girls sit on prayer rugs before performing prayers for Eid-al Fitr to mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at a park in London, Britain, July 17, 2015.(Photo: Stringer/Reuters)Egyptian barber Hassan Hafez mimics his procedure for performing female genital mutilation in this 2006 photo.(Photo: Reuters/James Akena)Prisca Korein, a 62-year-old traditional surgeon, holds razor blades before carrying […]

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