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Amazon.com, Inc.

الأسهم الأمازون شلالات

The risk has to harm Amazon's financials as the organization has began to encounter appropriate stress for presumably allowing the prevalent purchase of fakes about the system. كانت هناك 000 تشجيع على الأمازون, على 100,000 الباعة مع أكبر عائدات من $100, وقالت المنظمة. واليوم AWS وتحويلها إلى شركة ضخمة في حقها, أمازون المدرة للدخل الحقيقية التي قد تستخدم للحصول على مزيد من الفرص. لوازم الجهاز الحوسبة السحابية شركة أكثر بكثير مربحة لمنطقة الأمازون. كما ان الشركة التجزئة الولايات المتحدة تأتي مع أرباح تشغيل قدرها 5 percentage of online sales [...]

اوبر يؤتي $20 مليون لخداع الناس في القيادة.

اتفاق أعلن الخميس مع لجنة التجارة الاتحادية يغطي بيانات اوبر مصنوعة من متأخرا 2013 حتى 2015 بينما كان يحاول تجنيد المزيد من السائقين لتوسيع خدماتها والبقاء متقدما على منافسه الرئيسي, رفع. زعمت لجنة التجارة الاتحادية أن معظم السائقين اوبر يتقاضون أقل بكثير في 18 الرئيسية الامريكى. مدن من اوبر نشرت على الانترنت. وأكد المنظمون أيضا أن السائقين جرح الأمر دفع أكبر بكثير لاستئجار السيارات من الشركة قد أعلنت. "العديد من المستهلكين الاشتراك لدفع لاوبر, but they shouldn’t be taken for a ride about their earnings potential or the cost of financing a [...]

فشل على شروط الخاصة بك

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يقول لك هل تؤمن فكرتك. في شعبك. في خطتك. ثم تشغيل عملك بهذه الطريقة, and you'll have no regrets. The startup-childbirth analogy ranks among our most overworked business clichés. We talk less about the deathbed vigil that accompanies failure. But as this recent Tumblr post attests, that metaphor is just as apt. Founders watch helplessly as their companies expire, comforting themselves with memories of early promise. Ultimately, though, they descend into recriminations (directed at themselves and others); regret over opportunities squandered; resolutions to do right by survivors; and--above all--personal desolation. Post-mortem, their grieving traces the [...]

كيفية معرفة ما إذا كان موظفيك يشعرون بالملل

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تعلمون الموظفين بالملل في كثير من الأحيان استقال, so why aren't your pausing every once in awhile to assess your top performers' boredom levels? Sometimes your best employee leaves because he wants to move somewhere sunny or because his wife got a new gig on the other side of the country. Sometimes that uber productive engineer can’t resist the lure of her own startup or your communications ace has decided he wants to be a yoga instructor instead. When it comes to reasons like these, there’s very little you can do to keep the team you’ve sweated to put together intact. But [...]

أخبار جيدة: ميزانيتك ربما متشائم جدا

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هل إنشاء ميزانيتك في الأيام كآبة? Be aware there's new reason for optimism -- and for making mid-year tweaks to your budget. A few phantom green shoots a couple of years back aside, it’s been a long time since entrepreneurs had much in the way of positive economic news to celebrate. But while it’s still not exactly boom times, author and business expert Ram Charan may have finally located a reason to feel cheery. What is it? Turns out many businessesbudgets for this year are too pessimistic, he writes on the HBR Blog Network. "There are plenty [...]

Inside Story: Inc.’s ‘How I Did It

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Inc.'s Editor in Chief Eric Schurenberg reveals why the longtime series is always compelling and dramatic read. I had coffee on a recent morning with an entrepreneur, as I often do. What struck me about this founder, an enthusiastic Ohioan named Austin Allison, was how unremarkable his remarkable story was. He is CEO of dotloop, a maker of cloud-based software that streamlines the maddeningly slow dance of documentation that accompanies any home sale. Agents, real estate brokerages, and homeowners seem to find real value in dotloop's service: According to Allison, in four years the payroll has gone from two to [...]

Lesson From Zynga: Not All Founders Make Good CEOs

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It's official: Mark Pincus is stepping aside as CEO of Zynga. It's hardly surprising: Founders rarely make good public-company CEOs. Mark Pincus has left the building. حسنا, sort of. In a statement issued earlier today, Pincus, the founder and CEO of Zynga, the troubled gaming start-up that's been struggling to maintain its relevance ever since its IPO in December 2011, announced he's fired himself, and hired another industry veteran--Don Mattrick, a former head of Microsoft's Xbox division--as his replacement. "As I reflect on the past six years, I realize that I’ve had the greatest impact working as an entrepreneur with [...]

5 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Company

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Think you're ready to start up? Put yourself to the test. Check out the five crucial keys to knowing it's time. Andy Palmer has started at least five companies by my count--and I’d guess he has invested in dozens of others. Based on that experience, I’d consider him an expert when it comes to deciding whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from Bowdoin with a major in English, History, and Computer Science, the passionate Rugby player was injured and decided to become serious about a career. So he got an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck [...]

U.S. companies react cautiously to Trump victory

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By Noel Randewich | SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO U.S. companies reacted on Wednesday with caution to businessman Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election and pointed to uncertainty over his lack of clear policy proposals.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ A smattering of analyst conference calls held by companies reporting their quarterly results offered a glimpse of how they view the country's new path led by the former reality TV host.Following campaign promises by Trump to renegotiate global trade agreements and make U.S. companies move factories back to the United States, على 1,100 manufacturers and businesses offered in an open letter on Wednesday to [...]

The ‘Why Before You BuyIs Key to Connecting With Customers

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Consumers today search everywhere to find what they need and want. Theyre at home, theyre at work, and theyre on the go. This zigzagging customer journey makes it challenging for local businesses to discern why some consumers move in one direction while somemove inthe other. وبالتالي, why do consumers choose one business over another? To answer the question, business owners must focus on three essential principles: knowing your audience, establishing your online presence, and makingit easy for people to find you.Know your audience.Consumers value different types of information when they make buying decisions. Primary information consists of the critical basics [...]

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